Why choose a barge program?

Anyone traveled by barge before? What's it like?

  • I have never been on a barge trip but it is very enticing to me. The fact that you would unpack your clothes once and not have to move, and have the same comfortable setting to come back to every day seems like a real bonus. Also being on the water is always fun and beautiful... Would look forward to reading input from those that have done it...
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    I feel the same way!!!
  • We did the barge trip in Holland last spring. Really liked it. It is small and rooms are very small; however, there were only 22 other passengers on the barge and three crew members who were very friendly. It was fun floating slowly through narrow canals with few other boats. We had tours when we docked with local experts plus our guide. Food was very good. We had infomative lectures on the barge about the places we would be visiting.
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    I am doing the Holland barge trip, leaving in 8 days. I was happy to see your reaction to the trip.
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    I’m signed up for the Mosel River barge trip. The small size of the group appeals to me.
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    we're also signed up for the Mosel barge trip - the appeal was small size, leisurely pace, wine, history and our German genealogy. Looking forward to the trip!