Love to hear from someone who has taken a barge trip

I am considering one of the RS barge programs in France this year. I would love to hear from someone who has barged in France (or elsewhere). I am almost ready to take the plunge and pay my deposit. The one issue for me is the significant single supplement on these programs (almost 40%), so I want to hear about the plusses and minuses of the experience. Would it be worth it at 40% more of the cost?

Would also be glad to hear from anyone else pondering a barge program.

  • Did you decide to try this trip? We did a barge trip maybe ten years ago from Lyon to Dijon. It was very interesting. It was a small group of about 21. We are doing the Alsace-Loraine barge trip in Mid May 2018.
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    I have signed up for the Alsace barge trip that starts in early September. I decided I wanted to try barging at least once (and with such a high supplement it may be just once) and take the opportunity to learn about an area of France I don't know a lot about.
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    We are leaving on the May 15th trip. We surely enjoyed our barge trip years ago. It was the same small group type venture and we met so many lovely people.
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    I am solo on the April 30 2019 trip. Haven’t booked flights yet. Anyone going who might like to meet in Strasbourg a day or two early to see some sights?