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my husband and I are very excited about our Feb. 2019 trip to Antarctica.  I'd like to hear from others on our trip or from folks who have traveled on other trips to Antarctica.  I'm a bit concerned about being cold, and also about potentially rough seas traveling thru the Drake Passage.


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Jan Bandrofchak

  • We are traveling to Antarctica in late Feb. 2019 also. We are working on layering our clothes as there will be a great change in temperatures through out the journey. The Drake Passage is what ever it is at the time, so we read, bring drugs. We have been following the 'Hurtigruten Friends' facebook page and the Hurtingruten web site for more detailed information (looking at what folks in the pictures are weaing).
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    I recently talked with friends who traveled to Antarctica in November. They were not cold on shore, and sometimes felt a bit overdressed. The ship they traveled on was kept at a good temperature, and they had a wonderful experience.