Astronomy Above the Arctic Circle Program, Coastal Norway

I'm considering this program for mid-October to mid-November. I would love to hear from someone who has done this trip around the same time of year. What was weather like? I've been to Norway before in May and Bergen was cold, foggy and rainy. I'll be travelling solo and this will be my 9th RS international trip.

  • I hope you get a reply from someone who has had the experience. I did not, but a friend did and was e-mailing me from the ship. She enjoyed the trip, but they had rough seas and missed a few ports. The trip was cut short a couple of days, but they had a good time back in the Bergen area. So, I think it's a matter of keeping an open mind and being adaptable to possible changes due to weather.
  • Hi Mary_A, thanks for your inquiry! We apologize for the delay in responding to you. Temperatures in Norway around October/November are generally quite cold. Here is some information from the recommended packing list which may help if you plan on attending this trip:

    Loose comfortable clothing worn in layers is recommended for excursions and daytime on the ship. you should bring your own winter coat/jackets, hats, boots, and gloves/mittens. You can expect to walk in small amounts of snow at some points during the program. Traditionally, Norwegians do not clear or salt/sand their sidewalks and streets so you may also want to bring ice grips for your shoes/boots. There may even be snow on the deck of the ship from time to time. To enjoy hand’s on astronomy lectures, you should bring clothes warm enough to be out on deck as the ship moves for the duration of a lecture. You may also spend long times on deck if the Northern Lights are visible. We suggest wearing several layers as the temperature and weather conditions may vary during the day. You must bring your own boots and warm weather gear.

    Average High & Low Temp/Rainfall/Daylight Hours in October and November

    October Bergen: 44°F - 51°F / 10.9 Inches / 10.5 Hours
    November Bergen: 37°F - 44°F / 10.2 Inches / 7.5 Hours

    October Alesund: 45°F - 51°F / 6.4 Inches / 10 Hours
    November Alesund: 39°F - 45°F / 6.3 Inches / 7 Hours

    October Trondheim: 39°F - 49°F / 2.8 Inches / 10 Hours
    November Trondheim: 32°F - 41°F / 2.8 Inches / 7 Hours

    October Tromso: 35°F - 42°F / 5.2 Inches / 8 Hours
    November Tromso: 28°F - 35°F / 4 Inches / 5 Hours

    October Honningsvag: 36°F - 42°F / 3.2 Inches / 8 Hours
    November Honningsvag: 31°F - 37°F / 2.5 Inches / 5 Hours

    October Kirkenes: 30°F - 38°F / 1.6 Inches / 8 Hours
    November Kirkenes: 19°F - 29°F / 1.5 Inches / 5 Hours

    Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions or want more info about this amazing adventure! Best, Rachel