is dress casual or formal?

We're cruising on the Odyssey at Sea: The Greek Isles & Ephesus. How formal will the dress be? Do I need to bring a coat & tie for on-board dinners? When we go on tours, will shorts and collared golf shirts be okay for men?

  • Hello, thank you for reaching out about the dress guidelines we recommend for your study cruise aboard the Aegean Odyssey.
    The mood on board and during excursions is casual and relaxed. Comfortable, sturdy shoes with non-slip soles are extremely important for walking around the archaeological sites.
    In the evening, we recommend smart casual attire. Plan to dress and pack as you would for any sophisticated city where you would be going out for a festive evening.
    Your cruise features a Welcome and Farewell dinner where smart casual attire is strongly encouraged.

    Clothes /packing suggestions:

    Please bring a reasonable amount of each item for the number of days you will be travelling.

    ● Weather-appropriate coat or jacket

    ● Shirts, blouses, or tops

    ● Wrinkle-free pants, or skirts, one of which is suitable for dress occasions

    ● Underwear, socks or stockings which are lightweight and dry quickly.

    ● Sleepwear

    ● Shoes should be comfortable enough to wear all day. We advise well-worn and sturdy shoes with

    good tread (rubber soles are best) and socks. You should bring a heavier shoe if doing a lot

    of walking.

    ● Bring a hat suitable for the season, gloves for winter wear, clothing you can layer as morning and

    evening temperatures are cooler than midday.

    ● Long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and hats to protect against bug bites, such as from mosquitoes and

    ticks. Covering exposed skin and using insect repellent can reduce the risk of insect-borne diseases

    We hope you have a wonderful time on your upcoming adventure to the Greek Isles and Ephesus! Best, Rachel