Do you plan on offering Odyssey at Sea learning adventures in 2021?

  • Hi lipscer, thank you for reaching out! We have chartered the Aegean Odyssey ship for the next few years so there will be programs planned for 2021 but we just don't have them available to enroll in yet. We hope to see you on a learning adventure sometime soon! Best, Rachel
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    Any idea when you will know what those trips will be? Also how large are the tour groups when you go on shore excursions?
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    Hi lipscer, we currently have 29 adventures planned aboard the Aegean Odyssey. Please see this link for full details --https://bit.ly/2DvPGJN Also the group size for the excursions is planned to be about 35 participants. We hope to see you on an adventure soon! Best, Rachel
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    35 people on a tour using the head sets is a very large group. River cruises average about 20 and that is a much better number of guests per group