Rhine, Danube, or Seine

Are there any problems associated with cruising either the Rhine, Danube, or Seine late June to mid-August? I am thinking particularly about low water that might force cruisers into a coach to simply ride along the river banks. If anyone has done any of these cruises, I would appreciate any comments on their merits and drawback. Planning for 2020, so there is lots of time.

  • I did a Viking River cruise on the Rhine/Main/Danube in May last year. (Interestingly, in two towns we saw markers way up on buildings to show where flooding had reached over the centuries, including in the past decade.) In August I read that those same stretches of the Danube were unnavigable due to low water levels.
    Several times in the past few years, including just last year, the Seine has flooded in the winter. The photos from Paris and environs are dramatic. Google "seine flooding." Haven't heard of any low-water issues on the Seine.
    You can't tell from year to year what the situation will be, but there are certain times when flooding or low water levels are more of a possibility.
    I'm signed up for a Loire River program in September. The Loire is already a shallow river, so I am concerned that I may be pushed into a hotel room after paying for a balcony cabin. Roll of the dice.