Best programs on small ships

I can't decide! Did you love a small ship program you've taken?

  • We will be going on a "small ship" to the Galapagos in Sept and will reply when we get back. It looks like the perfect size for a small group adventure.
  • I loved the Aegean Odyssey. I've taken two Voyages to Antiquity and will be going on the third in May. I met people who have taken as many as seven trips on the Odyssey. think the capacity is three hundred passengers, mostly British and we do mix with other passengers. The first trip there were 29 RS travelers, on the second, last October, there were two RS groups of 36. I like the size of the ship; it's easy to get around and the crew gets to know the passengers quickly. The excursions are always interesting and the food is wonderful with many healthful options.
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    We will be traveling on Voyages to Antiquity in May and arriving in Lisbon the day before the program is to start (4/30/17) Any one else arriving early?
  • Loved Tahiti and the Society Islands. Ship was the 300 passenger Paul Gauguin, wonderful! Loved my trip, Oct. ,2016, so much that I plan to go again in 2018. Truly was a trip through paradise!
  • Absolutely LOVED the Pandaw cruise on the Irrawaddy river in Myanmar in October 2017. Spectacular service and ambiance. Ship has only about 25 cabins and is built in 1930's style teak. Good chef, warm and friendly crew. Perfect.
  • Hi I took a small ship trip (not with Road Scholar but Alaskan Dream Cruises directly who they partner with). It was one of the top 3 trips I ever took!! And I went solo. With a small ship you get to know everyone .. but solo you dont have to nengotiate either :)
  • Lewis & Clark's Discovery: the Columbia and Snake Rivers was MARVELOUS! For a first-time cruiser, it was perfect because it was all river cruising, and smooth as glass!
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    I'd like to take that cruise next year. Were there singles on your cruise? How active is the trip?
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    I wonder if you enjoyed your AE cruise. Since my previous post, I took another cruise last summer that began in Rome and ended in Nice. It was wonderful and we had a congenial group of 11! It was quite a difference from the year before. I'll be off to Norway in June and have learned we will have two groups this time.
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    Is there anything you didn't likE? I am going in OCT HOPING THE WEATHER WILL BE GOOD. hOW MANY PEOPLE WERE IN THE GROUP?
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    Can't think of anything I didn't like! Went in October--weather was lovely-chilly and sunny. Casual dress. Total passengers were 55, of whom 40 were RS--rest joined our group because our lectures/itinerary were more interesting than theirs!! Right mixture of outstanding lectures, beautiful scenery, and free time. Meals were fabulous. Cabin was not large, but very adequate--twin beds, nice bathroom. Very friendly group. ENJOY!!!
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    I also took Alaskan Dream, but WITH RS--all 45 passengers were RS. Delightful, amazing, awesome--all the superlatives I can think of! Ship was immaculate, crew was fantastic, scenery was unbelievable. I was matched with a roommate, at my request--worked out fine. I'd go with ADC again in a heartbeat!
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    When the tour was over how long did stay in the city did you book an extra day? . My fight doesn't leave until around 10 pm so that mean pick up time would be around 8 pm . I have a few hours to spend is there anything you can suggest to do with all the next time flo
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    I didn't have extra time in Portland, so really can't recommend anything. If you stay at the Marriott Waterfront--which is beautiful--there's a concierge who I'm sure could help.
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    Oregon Historical Society Museum is amazing and a 10 minute walk from the Marriott. Portland Art Museum across the street. Very pretty area of Portland.