Best programs on small ships

I can't decide! Did you love a small ship program you've taken?

  • I took the ship up the Mississippi from New Orleans to Red Wing what a great trip. Took the Great Lakes one to me it was awful ,food, side trips and the ship itself, to see a old ship that was under water , the town brought it up out of the water.To me it was one of the worst side had to be care when walking around the ship, because of the the rot of the ship. Go on Mississippi trip you will love it.The staff is so great, they get to know you and call you by name. I just can't say enough about this trip.The help is great and you don't have to tip them in less you want to flo.
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    I didn't have a problem with walking around in Portland. I stayed downtown for 4 days and walked everywhere. I didn't venture out a night without taking an Uber because I travel solo. You can check at the front desk of your hotel as well. It's on SW Park Avenue a very beautiful neighborhood, aptly named. If not comfortable you can always Uber over to the museum and scope out the area and decide if you want to walk back.
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    Yes, there were singles in the group of 12. It was a good mix of couples and singles, interesting, friendly and fun!
    The group left the ship daily for all or part of a day, touring around the Islands. Lots of interesting sights. I opted to skip one outing and have an afternoon to myself. Loved traveling through French Polynesia, and the Paul Gauguin was amazing. I'd say the trip is active.
  • I loved both Croatia cruises I took with RS: Hidden Coves of Slovenia & Croatia and the second one whose name I forgot (started in Montenegro and ended in Split) Both were on private yachts, 30 people maximum.
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    LHWIL -- so glad you liked the Odyssey. I booked a Baltic cruise with them for next July (unfortunately not through RS -- I had booked directly with Voyages to Antiquity before RS posted the same trip.) The Odyssey's reviews on Cruise Critic are very mixed so it's nice to know that at least one road scholar liked them!
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    Hello Florence. Thank you for voicing your concerns about the Great Lakes program you took with us last year. We understand that you also spoke with a member of our team after the program regarding your thoughts and they were passed along to the management of this program. We have worked very hard to improve the program this year with significant results. The educational content of this program is now richer and participants are really enjoying the ship and the excursions. Again thank you for providing us with your feedback. We hope you enjoy your upcoming program with us and that we see you on many more adventures hereafter. Sincerely, Rachel
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    I agree. The yacht on Best of Croatia was the best. It was family owned, had fresh delicious food and wonderful crew and service. Three and four course lunch and dinner with choice of wine. Swimming off the boat. Docked in the best locations with gorgeous views.
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    Mary, I'll be on the Baltics Capitals cruise in July. I think it will be a great experience. I'm planning on staying two days longer in Copenhagen at the end of the trip; there is a lot to see/do there.
    I was a bit puzzled by the reviews on Cruise Critic, but most seemed to be from travelers with high expectations staying in the high price cabins. I've been as comfortable in the inside single as I was in an outside on Bridge deck. The service and food is the same for everyone. The ship is exactly as shown on the web site and in the brochures and the staff is usually smiling.
    There have been a few people on the four trips I've taken on the Odyssey who said they wouldn't do it again, but it was the size of the group that bothered them. But there have been several road scholars who were repeat cruisers.
    I'm usually the tallest woman in the RS group -- and we have name tags the first few days, so say hello and perhaps we can have lunch or dinner together.
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    Mary, I met a couple on the Odyssey who told me they had traveled with Road Scholar, but had made their cruise arrangements directly with Aegean Odyssey and were very happy with everything except the air arrangements, so you might want to check on that.
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    Hi, are you saying the couple was happy with everything with the Aegean Odssey or RS air arrangements? It’s just not real clear to me. I’m very interested in changing (if I can) my Egypt trip to the Aegean Odyssey. Or using the Travel Protection and canceling. Im not happy after with what I spent with RS for supposedly Free Airfare, it was advertised to have Free Airfare for a coach seat. I asked what the difference would be if I upgraded to Business Class. Was quoted $49k on top of the $5200 I paid for. I’d be a great “look out to find who the best company is who does airfare or travel better.
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    49k? That's absurd. I usually upgrade to comfort for about $200.

    I can see why my statement wasn't clear, sorry. The couple had traveled with RS in the past and liked it, but said on the Norway trip they reserved directly with the Aegean Odyssey and were happy except for the air arrangements. They were not in the RS group; it was a large group and may have been sold out.

    I used miles last year on the RS trip and got a credit for the 'free' air, which is actually included air at a discount. The only disadvantage is you dont have guaranteed transportation from and to the airport.
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    OH THANK YOU! I was begining to think it was me, like Im a cheapskate or something. I read that about the Hotel Transfers. For that amount of money $30 each way is nothing compared to $4997! After weeks of trying to figure out how to get to Egypt all of the good (and less expensive) flights were GONE. Gone baby gone. I had to end up buying Saudia Airline business class for appox. $3900. But Im flying a very Muslim airline and having to spend 2 hours in Saudi Arabia! I have no problems with the Muslim religion. I didn’t even know they didn’t believe Christ was Savior untill I was in my 30’s or 40’s. I’ve just have never known or raised around anyone who was Muslim. But the point that is important is that I’ll be in a country where women have zero rights, even to speak (in public or not) without her father or husband is forbidden. Heaven forbid I get stuck there, for any amount of time. As an American I can’t leave the airport grounds, probably not even the terminal. If I get stuck overnight I will be sitting in a chair until who knows when. Our State Dept is closing embassies and pulling embassy employees & their families out of the country. Arabia intercepted a terrorist missile over a major city near the Yemen border. I’m not pointing fingers at anybody but a person who works for RS told me “Its just a Stage 2 Alert”. Im a single female, deaf and mouthy. Like I said before, I’ll be wearing black head to toe and will try not to even open my mouth. LOL! Thats what the State Dept said to do too! Oh ya, it also said “Don’t let anyone see my US Passport either. There is 2 website pages telling me all the “Do not do’s” in that country. It’s just hard for me to really understand that religion/culture in regards to women.