Best programs on small ships

I can't decide! Did you love a small ship program you've taken?

  • I took the ship up the Mississippi from New Orleans to Red Wing what a great trip. Took the Great Lakes one to me it was awful ,food, side trips and the ship itself, to see a old ship that was under water , the town brought it up out of the water.To me it was one of the worst side had to be care when walking around the ship, because of the the rot of the ship. Go on Mississippi trip you will love it.The staff is so great, they get to know you and call you by name. I just can't say enough about this trip.The help is great and you don't have to tip them in less you want to flo.
  • Hello Florence. Thank you for voicing your concerns about the Great Lakes program you took with us last year. We understand that you also spoke with a member of our team after the program regarding your thoughts and they were passed along to the management of this program. We have worked very hard to improve the program this year with significant results. The educational content of this program is now richer and participants are really enjoying the ship and the excursions. Again thank you for providing us with your feedback. We hope you enjoy your upcoming program with us and that we see you on many more adventures hereafter. Sincerely, Rachel
  • I took this Great Lakes cruise in 2019, and it was delightful! The ship had just been renovated, top to bottom, and was fresh and lovely throughout. Excursions were fine. Perhaps Florence took her trip just before the renovation.
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