Alaska's Inside Passage and Alaska Dream Cruises Baranof Dream

Hi, my husband and I are booked on the Alaska Inside Passage cruise on June 8th - June 17th.  The ship is ADC's Baranof Dream, and we're in one of the A cabins.  Packing for our first trip Alaska and our first cruise on a ship this size.  Alaska Dream Cruises recommends soft-sided luggage.  Looking at the cabin floorplan, there's no wardrobe or close in the A cabins, but there are some built-in drawers under the beds and in a bulkhead wall.  Has anyone here sailed on the Baranoff Dream and can give recommendations on luggage?  

Would rolling duffle bags be a problem because of the wheels and fitting them into whatever storage space there may be for luggage?  Or should we opt for plain rugged duffles that can collapse and fit into a drawer?

Our regular luggage is soft-topped/rigid side Rick Steves/Travelite carry-ons.  If these can be pushed under a bed, perhaps they would work?  

We try to travel light and are looking at one suitcase or duffle each, camera bag, and maybe a small tote type of bag.


Jackie & Lucien Lane

  • We took this trip last year on the Alaskan Dream. It's a little smaller than the Baranoff Dream but I'd imagine the rooms are similar. My wife had no problem sliding her hard sided suitcase under the bed. The rooms are not large but they are adequate. The cruise was beyond extraordinary. Be prepared to have an amazing time. If you're a bit crazy bring a swimsuit.
  • Hi, Here's a question for you. When I went on this trip several years ago I seem to remember that the only outlets were in the ceiling. Has this been changed? It will be very difficult to use camera battery chargers if this is still true. Thank you.
  • I have a Cheapy Charlie lightweight extension cord in my suitcase. I like that I can put all my electronics where I can see them and therefore nothing gets left behind. Mine has one 3 prong socket on one side (for larger plugs) and two three prong on the other.  Check wall plug to ensure it is not 3 prong or you may not be able to use unless you carry 3 to 2 prong adapter as well.  I started doing this when visiting National Parks and some rooms had only one available outlet. If you can get a bright color even better than you don't leave the cord behind either!  

  • It depends on which cabin you are in. Some are indeed on the ceiling, some are on the walls and well located. Be prepared for either unless you can determine ahead of time the exact cabin you are assigned.
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