I have always wanted to go to Greece and when I saw this trip advertised, I jumped at it.  I need a roomate and am hoping to be in touch with other singles on this site.  It would be nice to get acquainted before the trip.

Penelope (Penny) Hickey










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  • I am 61, but that is fine. I was on a trip to Costa Rica a couple of years ago and absolutely fell in love (Purely Platonic) with a fellow traveler who was in her 80's. she and I bonded and had the best time. I will remember her fondly forever even though I never saw her again after the trip. She invited me to Oregon to her home, but I couldn't get away.
  • My name is Penelope Hickey but go by Penny. Why don't we do email. Mine is momwhoo@aol.com.
    I'm a retired Speech Language Pathologist in acute care. I've been retired or 18 years retiring early to travel with my husband. I am widowed two years and continuing to travel as my husband wished. There are several other places I'd like to visit and hope to continue. I live in Florida but summer in New Hampshire.
    Hope to continue our "visit".
  • I am in my 80s, relatively active despite sciatica and lymphodema in right leg. I have a single cabin and think I should remain with it but would like to meet up. I live in Ann Arbor , Michigan and have been on quite a few RS trips as my husband died 23 years ago. I also have been to Turkey many times but not to the area swe are visiting.
    Marjory Lutyher (marjoryluther@gmail.com)
  • You can see & communicate with most of your fellow participants once you sign up for a program. This is the path that will take you there:

    MY ACCOUNT>UPCOMING TRIPS>START A DISCUSSION (Blue Button Lower Right)>PARTICIPANTS (under trip number and date for your program)

    If you get error ACCESS DENIED contact Road Scholar and have them add you to your prorgram discussion group.

    These are the people who are going on you date specific trip who have a profile on the RS forum. Meaning there may be others on the trip who do not have a profile. If you select DISCUSS you can start a discussion that can only be viewed by persons on your date specific trip. It will post to the General Discussion page and will only be available for viewing by those persons listed as participants. It will also appear on the date specific discussion dropdown on My Account, so doubling your chances you may get in contact with a fellow participant.

    Also you can send a friend request on the RS site to take this conversation offline to avoid putting your identifying information on the general forum.

    Best to keep identifying information private. Anyone can use this information to know when you will not be home. With very little information it is easy to get all the information one needs to get your home address. I worked in Criminal Justice for years and sadly know this to be true. Be safe.