The best of all five Great Lakes

We are leaving on July 17, 2018

Anyone else been on this Great Lakes Cruise??

  • Iowa. We are looking forward to time on the water.
  • I have, . they stated the boat was clean but when I went on a tour of the kitchen there was carrots under the counter I didn't remember having carrots for any meal. WE WERE STOP BY THE COAST GUARD ABOUT THE BOAT But the Capt. was a friend of the person who stop us was told to have something fixed on the boat. The CAPT TOLD HIM THAT THE BOAT WAS GOING IN FOR REPAIRS AS SOON AS THE TOUR WAS FINISHED. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE TOUR.
  • Hello Florence. Thank you for voicing your concerns about the Great Lakes program you took with us last year. We understand that you also spoke with a member of our team after the program regarding your thoughts and they were passed along to the management of this program. We have worked very hard to improve the program this year with significant results. The educational content of this program is now richer and participants are really enjoying the ship and the excursions. Again thank you for providing us with your feedback. We hope you enjoy your upcoming program with us and that we see you on many more adventures hereafter. Sincerely, Rachel
  • Dear Florence, my experience was SO different from yours! I recently took the Great Lakes cruise, and couldn't have been more thrilled! Everything was exactly as I'd hoped, from lectures/excursions to food/cabins . You must have been unlucky--but please don't judge all RS programs by this one--give them another chance!