Aegean Odyssey To St. Petersburg in 2019

Would like to hear from anyone who is taking this Aegean Odyssey cruise and is interested in booking additional tours in St. Petersburg.  I think this will be required to make the most of free time on the days in St. Petersburg.  Tour company I have contacted has flat rate tours if we have 8 people who want to take a customized tour.  Friends of ours did this and highly recommend it.  They actually did the only tour company tour instead of their ships's offering.  The company customized the tour to the time they had in St. Petersburg.  If you don't have a tour ticket, I understand that you will need to get a visa to get off the ship during free time. 

  • Patches, I am on this trip but, unfortunately, not with RS as I booked directly with Voyages to Antiquity (Aegean Odyssey) before RS posted it. Regarding excursions, it concerns me a little that Voyages to Antiquity doesn't have any excursions listed yet ( as of Sept.12, 2018.) How do you know how much free time there will be? Which tour company are you using? I've heard Alla Tours are quite good. If there's a lot of free time involved in St. Petersburg, I'd definitely be interested in doing another tour since I have no intention of getting a visa. Anyhow, I hope you see this response and we can connect.
  • Mary, my husband and I are planning to book a separate St. Petersburg tour for the entire time the ship is in St. Petersburg. We have a friend who used SPB last year and highly recommends it. That way we will be have more control over what we get to see. If we can get a group together of 8 people from the ship the cost will be less. My email address is Send me a note and we can discuss this more.
  • Excursions are listed now and they look great! I'm not sure if taking independent excursions is allowed under the visas that are included in the Aegean Odyssey/RS program.

    It's getting closer and I'm getting excited; I think it will be a wonderful experience.
  • Hello lhwil, thank you for reaching out. The group visa for Russia will be obtained on your behalf by Voyages to Antiquity in conjunction with Road Scholar for your visit to St. Petersburg and is ONLY valid for the finalized programming. Should you choose to opt out of the finalized Road Scholar programming or explore independently, it is mandatory that you obtain a 3-year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for Russia. We hope you have a wonderful time on your upcoming adventure! Best, Rachel