Limitations of small ships

This may be moot, since I see that the program that we tried to do is no longer listed.  Anyway, this is just a "be aware" note.

We had the chance last fall to cruise the Greek Islands on a "Jewels of the Hebrides" program. Our ship carried 50 passengers, half of whom were in our RS group.  We were going to be able to dock in island ports that couldn't service larger ships--definitely a draw.  Well, the winds came out of the north, and after we stalled on the east side of the Peloponnesian peninsula for a couple of days, where we had some lovely experiences, getting to the islands had to be scrapped, and we circled Peloponnesia instead.

We had been warned, of course, that weather could interfere with itinerary.  The trip we took was wonderful--ancient ruins like Clytemnestra's tomb, Olympia, Monemvassia, and many, many more great experiences.  RS arranged for special treats, and they did their best for us.  The entire group was cheerful and philosophical about the changes, and most of us enjoyed the small ship (a couple of folks had motion problems).  The fact remains that small ships have their limitations, and I have yet to visit the islands.

  • I loved the yacht on Best of Croatia. We were able to dock right next to the sites. Very luxurious.
    On a recent RS tour of Greece we took the ferry. Everything ran smoothly but there was lots of packing/unpacking, bus, and getting on/off ferry. We did see a small ship that had to alter its itinerary due to high winds.
  • Not that it matters, but I just realized that I said "Hebrides" instead of "Cyclades" in the first message. Brain burp.