Fear of cruising

I am contemplating taking the May, 2019 Mediterranean Cruise on the Aegean Odyssey.  My problem is fear of the massive ocean.  I have traveled with RS on four other trips, but I have flown when I went to Spain and Italy.  The other two were here in the States.  Can anyone give me some encouraging words to get over this fear I have?  Is anyone out there planning to take this cruise?   Thank you for any "words of wisdom" you can send my way!

  • Not sure where you live but if near the ocean try some local day cruises to work into open waters slowly. Also good idea to take some candied ginger with you to lessen any affects from sea sickness. If you think you might experience sea sickness there are wristbands my friend wears when he cruises. He swears by them. Sitting in the open air is good and look at the horizon and not the boat rails it somehow lessens the motion. Bon Voyage.