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  • A Woman with a Mission: The Unstoppable Barbara Glaser

    Next in our women’s leadership series: read how one Road Scholar program designer’s experience at Great Camp Sagamore influenced a lifetime of civic leadership and service in conservation and preservation.
    • 4/20/2018
  • What the Heck Is Spotify? Music to Your Ears

    Have you always wanted an easy way to listen to any song, artist or album on your smartphone? We have your solution: Spotify. Spotify is a music streaming app that allows you to listen to whatever music you like, whenever you want. And setting it up is a no-brainer!
    • 4/18/2018
  • Egypt: A Land of Stories

    From witnessing the ancient Pyramids of Khufu to sailing up the Nile on a traditional felucca, follow Road Scholar to the storied land of Egypt for a glimpse into its past and present.
    • 4/12/2018
  • What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

    What if you could travel back in time and grab coffee with your 18-year-old self? What would you say? What advice would you give yourself that you know would help the younger you get through the tough times or live a richer, fuller life?
    • 4/5/2018