There are thousands of places in the world to learn about with Road Scholar. Yet if we had to pick just one place that is the most compelling place to experience this year, what would it be?

Our choice for 2017: England.

It’s a place that’s so comfortable for Americans, it’s easily overlooked. However, in 2017, England is anything but staid. The recent vote to leave the European Union has thrown a “spanner in the works,” as the Brits like to say. It’s a country on the brink of change, which makes it an exciting time to be there. And, of course, you can’t beat the value you get right now.

Yet for all that’s new and in flux in England, it’s the past that still draws us. Shakespeare recently turned 400, but his words are as profound as ever. There’s the scandal of palace intrigue, from the Tudors to Princess Diana. And, of course, the landscape is the greatest three-dimensional history book of all, with chapters comprised of ancient standing stones built by the Celtic high priests, Roman bridges and baths, and some of the most breathtaking cathedrals in the world. England has also been center stage in more recent history, as the percussion of two World Wars and the Cold War still reverberates today.

There’s so much to learn about and experience in England, and we offer an educational adventure for whatever intrigues you. You have nearly 70 Road Scholar programs to choose from. If you love outdoor sports, you can cycle the stunning Cotswolds from village to village, walk ancient paths in the footsteps of the Celts and Romans, or experience one of the world’s greatest sporting events. If you love art, theater, music and architecture, you have an invitation to one of the world’s great cultural capitals.

We also offer a collection of truly unique experiences in England, like a behind-the-scenes view of two spectacular flower shows: the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show and the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. You can go on location in some of England’s most famous literary works. Or discover a stunningly beautiful corner of Great Britain that boasts a proud heritage distinct from its English neighbor.

When you join us in England, you’ll be learning from the best. Our instructors are among the most beloved and knowledgeable Road Scholar faculty anywhere. You can ring in the New Year with director and producer Giles Ramsay as you learn about the theater world and take in performances in London’s West End. You can plumb the depths of London’s most fascinating landmarks with archaeologist and historian Kevin Flude. And you can immerse yourself in the shadowy underworld of international espionage with renowned author and intelligence expert Nigel West as you voyage to England across the Atlantic on the QM2.

Join Road Scholar in England this year and you’ll be in good company — in May, Road Scholar President James Moses will be on our transatlantic voyage on the QM2, learning about the life of Princess Diana.

If you have been a dozen times or if you’ve never been at all, don’t miss the chance to experience Road Scholar’s Destination of the Year in 2017 — England. Tally-ho!

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