Looking to ditch the frigid snow and freezing temperatures? Winter is the perfect time to escape the cold, gray skies and get some rest and relaxation in a warm and vibrant area of the world. If you’re a snowbird, you’re in the right place. Below, we curated a list of the best warm winter vacations across the globe, from Costa Rica to the Hawaiian Island. Take a look below to see some warm winter getaways that can help cure those seasonal blues.

1. Costa Rica

The tropical atmosphere of Costa Rica makes it one of the top places for warm winter vacations. Located just above the equator, Costa Rica is home to lush rainforests, unique wildlife, and volcanic trails where you can observe delicate ecosystems.

Because of its close proximity to the equator, Costa Rica has no winter season, making it a great warm winter destination. Whether you’re interested in a family getaway or a solo adventure, there are plenty of Costa Rica travel experiences you can embark on to discover tropical gardens and interact with local communities.

2. Savannah, Georgia

Enjoy some southern hospitality by spending Christmas in Savannah, Georgia. During the holiday season, Savannah is filled with cheer and excitement. Throughout the historic city, you can walk down cobblestone streets lined with Christmas lights, shop at local boutiques, and take tours of gothic mansions and stunning cathedrals.

What makes Savannah a great warm winter getaway is its unique charm. You can take a trolley tour to marvel at the architecture of Greek Revival homes or even a ghost tour to learn about the city’s haunted past. Other winter activities to make your stay in Savannah more memorable include:

  • A riverboat cruise down the Savannah River
  • Carriage ride through Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Christmas performances at one of the many churches

If you’re interested in learning about American history while enjoying a warm winter vacation, Savannah is a top contender. 

3. Greece

Take a trip across the pond and spend your winter in the magical cities and towns of Greece. If you want to escape the snow without visiting a hot tropical destination, Greece offers mild winters that are warm enough for a light jacket on its coldest days.

What makes Greece one of the top warm places to visit in the winter is its lack of tourists. Rather than crowded beaches and long waits for restaurants, the winter season in Greece is much quieter and more relaxing. During this season, you can still enjoy discovering ancient Greek history or relaxing on the beaches of the Amalfi Coast. Even better, you can visit areas like the Island of Crete, where you can walk through lush forests and explore local villages to taste authentic Cretan cuisine.

4. Oaxaca, Mexico

Forget snowball fights and firing up the fireplaces. This winter, find yourself in Oaxaca, Mexico, which is known for its unique holiday traditions. When spending Christmas in Oaxaca, Mexico, you can participate in local Christmas pageants or build your own piñatas to deliver to children in local convents as a gift.

As a great warm winter vacation, Oaxaca gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the culture through their holiday traditions. Here, you can visit local craftspeople at shops in open-air markets to find gifts for your loved ones, or ring in the New Year at the Burning the Old Year and New Year party.

5. Havana, Cuba

There’s no better warm winter vacation than Havana, Cuba. Here, you can step into the past and spend your days marveling at a wide range of architectural styles, including art deco, art nouveau, neoclassical, and baroque. Aside from the vibrantly colored buildings, you can enjoy Cuba’s subtropical climate by basking in the warm sun on historic beaches like Bacuranao and El Mégano. Once beads of sweat start forming, you can take a dip in the clear blue waters before heading out to town.

Once you’re back in the city, pay a visit to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Old Havana and its fortifications to see sights like the Havana Cathedral or the Grand Theatre of Havana. With Road Scholar, you can visit the best of Cuba on one of our top-rated Cuban learning adventures.

6. Hawaiian Islands

To finish our list of the best warm winter vacations, we bring the Hawaiian Islands. Located in the center of the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands of Hawaii, Kahoolawe, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Niihau, and Oahu. The eight major islands of Hawaii have a lot to offer for people of all ages and backgrounds.

This winter, you can ditch the cold and spend your time relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Oahu. Or, you can adventure through the lush rainforests found on the main island, Hawaii in Hilo. For the more adventurous type, a top activity is hiking the volcanic mountains in Kauai and taking in the stunning vistas from the summit.

There are plenty of fun winter activities you can enjoy when traveling to the Hawaiian Islands. From learning about local history on the island of Maui, or touring Pearl Harbor on Oahu, Hawaii has made a name for itself as a premier warm winter getaway.

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