This Fourth of July holiday is a time to reflect on the freedoms we hold so dear and to celebrate the many different cultures and peoples that make American society so rich. America is a dream, an ideal and a place, and its strength comes from its people – all of us united. In many ways, the people who work at Road Scholar are a microcosm of America – a tapestry of ethnicities and cultures – and, on this day of celebration, I’d like to recognize a dozen of our colleagues who reflect the richness of the Road Scholar community.

James Moses
President & CEO


Seth, Program Services (Boston, Mass.)

Born in: Busan, South Korea
“I was adopted from South Korea at around 1-year-old and grew up on a private island off of Cape Cod. The island is owned by the Forbes family and my parents were the year-round caretakers. I took a boat to school every day until sixth grade, when we moved. I’ve played music my entire life. It’s my passion and I’ve performed in all types of groups from a string quartet, to a touring hardcore punk band, to musical theater.”

Seth's next Road Scholar Program: South Korea & Japan:  Captivating Eastern Neighbors



Alison, Programs (Ventura, Calif.)

Born in: Medford, Oregon
“I grew up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest on the eastern side of Washington in a little corner of the state tucked between Idaho and Canada. My grandparents fostered a love for travel — well into their 70s and 80s they were globetrotting and brought me many treasures. My favorites were a grass skirt from Hawaii and a koala toy (covered with real koala hair) from Australia. I’ve been inspired by my own grandparents to study abroad and not fear exploring new places on my own.”

Alison's next Road Scholar Program: Rose Parade®: A Heritage to Celebrate



Chris, Information Technology (Boston, Mass.)

Born in: Appleton, Wisconsin
“I was a volunteer driver for President Clinton’s motorcade on a few occasions when he was in New York City.  I met the President and First Lady and even got to poke my head into the President’s limousine, where he had left an unfinished New York Times crossword puzzle.”

Chris's next Road Scholar Program: Hiking Under Southern Skies



Jasmine, North American Programs (Boston, Mass.)

Born in: Framingham, Massachusetts
“I was raised in Hopkinton, the start of the Boston Marathon. I’m a chocolate tour guide at Taza Chocolate in Somerville, and in the past I gave cheesesteak Segway Tours in Philly and food tours in Washington, D.C.”

Jasmine's next Road Scholar Program: Digging for Dinosaurs:  The Jurassic Experience



Alina, Programs (Brattleboro, Vt.)

Born in: Kaunas, Lithuania
“I was born in Kaunas, an artsy city that was once the capital of Lithuania.  As a child, I would spend summers at my grandparent’s estate in the country. My friends and I would go water rafting, steal apples, roll in the grass, and pretend to be characters from Mark Twain’s novels. I earned my degree in art history, moved to London, and then the U.S. in my early 20s. Before joining Road Scholar, I managed an insurance office and was the director of a contemporary art gallery showcasing print makers from around the world. I relocated to Vermont in 2016 and live in a lovely 1820s schoolhouse by a pond. I imagine Twain’s characters would be happy here.”

Alina's next Road Scholar Program: Grand Canyon Star Party: Astronomy at the Edge of the Universe



Gergana, Participant Services (Lowell, Mass.)

Born in: Velingrad, Bulgaria
“As a high school student in Bulgaria, I attended a semester as an exchange student in Polson, Montana. It was an amazing experience. I went to school every day and lived with a local family who embraced me as their own child. I attended a powwow with one of my new friends, slept under the stars (and the Big Sky) and explored the State Capitol, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. I graduated from Plovdiv University in Bulgaria with a degree in English and Bulgarian Languages and Literature, and I currently live in Massachusetts with my husband and twins. We love traveling together!”

Gergana's next Road Scholar Program: Best of Galápagos and Peru: From Enchanted Islands to Machu Picchu



Lucy, Participant Experience (Boston, Mass.)

Born in: London, England
“My Mom’s English, my Dad’s American.  She was a Pan Am flight attendant, he was a professional golfer on tour and they met on a flight they both weren’t supposed to be on.  I grew up in England, spent weeks in California over the summer and decided to go to college and live in the United States.  Just when I think I’ve totally adapted to American culture I’ll say something and notice the person I’m talking to me look at me a little quizzically and realize that I used an English expression and they have no idea what I meant!”

Lucy's next Road Scholar Program: Alaska’s Inside Passage Up Close



Piyawee, Programs (Beaverton, Ore.)

Born in: Udon Thani, Thailand
“I’m a very un-Thai Thai and a hipster Mom (my son’s description).  I have a weird sense of humor, which explains why I moved to Portland!”

Piyawee's next Road Scholar Program: The Arctic Sky:  Astronomy Along Norway’s Coast



Rajan, Finance (Boston, Mass.)

Born in: Singa, Nepal
“My first name, Rajan, means ‘king’ in Sanskrit (I’ve yet to rule a country).  I was born in a rural village, didn’t have electricity growing up and only saw a motor vehicle at the age of 9 when my family moved to the capital city, Kathmandu.”

Rajan's next Road Scholar Program: African Safari: A Close-up on Wildlife



Jaap, Information Technology (Boston, Mass.)

Born in: Groningen, Netherlands
“I am the son of a pastor and a chemical engineer, and the grandson of two pastors, and I am married to the daughter of a pastor. So if I seem preachy, now you know why! I started out in college as mechanical engineer (chosen because I like Legos) but dropped out within a year. Then I happened to get hired for a Cobol programmer training program and I loved it. After a year, I went back to college to get my degree in computer science.”

Jaap's next Road Scholar Program: A Cycling Journey: Bryce and Zion National Parks



Carl, Human Resources (Boston, Mass.)

Born in: Stafford Springs, Connecticut
“I was raised on a tobacco farm in the Connecticut River Valley with eight brothers and sisters.  We used to joke that Dad needed cheap, reliable farm labor.  My hobbies include gardening, pottery, woodcraft, beer brewing, hiking, biking, kayaking and world travel!”

Carl's next Road Scholar Program: The People and Culture of Cuba by Yacht



Melissa, Participant Services (Beaverton, Ore.)

Born in: Coquille, Oregon
“I was in Liberia in West Africa with the Peace Corps in 2014 and my group of 50 volunteers in training were evacuated, along with another 450 volunteers and volunteers in training in Sierra Leone and Guinea, due to the Ebola outbreak.” 

Melissa's next Road Scholar Program: Beyond the Pharaohs: Egypt Past and Present

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