In case you didn't catch our Facebook Live broadcast in December, we have some big news to share with you: Road Scholar is launching a series of exclusive learning voyages aboard our first-ever floating campus  — the Aegean Odyssey!

With a 350-passenger limit and the capability to navigate small, harder-to-reach ports with ease, it is the perfect, intimate vessel on which to create a Road Scholar community of learning. We've developed educational voyages aboard the Aegean Odyssey in the past, and our participants have commented on the superb level of amenities and comfort. My first experience aboard the Aegean Odyssey was just last spring; we set sail on the Road Scholar "President's Voyage to the Greek Isles," and I was wandering about exploring the ship. I remember browsing the well-stocked library and strolling along the spacious open decks. I remember hearing the sounds of a local musician tuning up in the lounge. Most of all, I remember watching Road Scholars meeting, laughing and learning together; the openness and enthusiasm among them felt like they were all friends who had known each other for years.

Now, this same ship will be our first-ever floating campus, and we have big plans to celebrate this exciting new chapter in Road Scholar history. With the launch of our inaugural voyage in April 2020, we've created 11 unique itineraries designed to explore the world's most compelling destinations, including Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, France, Portugal and the British Isles, all 20-30 percent below the cost of most commercial cruises. You'll find a choice of Activity Levels on each unique itinerary, perfect for customizing your learning adventure to fit your preferred pace and mobility. Unlike most cruise itineraries that only have brief stays in port, we will overnight in many destinations, giving you plenty of time for deeper exploration. What's more, since you have the convenience of embarking the ship directly from the airport, you only have to unpack once and get right to learning!

If you've always loved the idea of a learning adventure by ship, this may be the perfect experience for you. I sincerely hope you'll join us for an epic journey of learning aboard Road Scholar's first-ever floating campus.

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Browse our voyages aboard the Aegean Odyssey.

About the Author: Jim Moses
I’ve proudly served as president and CEO of Road Scholar since 2002, but I didn’t start at the top. I was the company’s first registrar more than 40 years ago. I’ve also served as chief operating officer, senior vice president of programs and vice president of international programs. I love the mission and serving our participants.


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