Every single day at Road Scholar we hear about people defying stereotypes. An 80-year-old woman hiking the Appalachian Trail. A 60-year-old man learning to play the lap dulcimer in the Adirondacks. A widow traveling on her own for the first time in her life — to China, no less.

All of these people are experiencing great adventures — learning both about the world and about themselves — through journeys of personal growth. That is what Road Scholar participants love to do. Underlying all of this is one fact we can’t deny; every single day, every person alive is aging.

What does it mean to age? Each of us gets to decide for ourselves. What messages do we tell ourselves as we blow out the candles each year, and what do we hear from the world around us about growing older? All too often, the message isn’t inspiring. And we think it’s high time to change that.


Let’s celebrate aging together. We’re making this New Year the start of something big by kicking off an exciting new social media project inviting everyone to think differently about growing older. Join with Road Scholar, and together we will redefine “aging.” 

Age boldly. Age proudly. Age adventurously!

Check out our Facebook page, and you’ll find many ways to challenge yourself, to express your ideas and to add your voice to a community of older adults who are creating new stereotypes of aging. Not aging quietly. Not aging gracefully. Not aging alone at home. But, AGING ADVENTUROUSLY!

Come get involved in an inspiring and collaborative contest we’re launching and find fun and educational challenges, quizzes, videos and more throughout the year.

What can you do to start aging adventurously with us right now? Make sure to like our Facebook page and join the conversation. Take part when you see the hashtag #AgeAdventurously, and get your friends involved by sharing our #AgeAdventurously Facebook posts.

Then get ready to show the world what we’re made of.

Road Scholars don’t age gracefully. We #AgeAdventurously!  

P.S. We’ll be using the hashtag #AgeAdventurously on all of our social media posts related to this theme. Clicking on the hashtag #AgeAdventurously in our Facebook updates will allow you to see all of the #AgeAdventurously posts we’ve created. You can also type #AgeAdventurously in the Facebook search bar to find related content. We encourage you to include the hashtag #AgeAdventurously in your comments to our posts as well! New to hashtags and want to learn more? Read our fun guide for using hashtags on social media.


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