After two years of putting travels and dreams on hold, many Road Scholars are ready to get on the road again. We talked to a few of our participants about what the changes the pandemic brought meant for them, and how they are making up for lost time with new learning adventures.

Road Scholar Ambassador Paula is ready to make her travel plans a reality

Paula Wright is such a big fan of Road Scholar adventures that she became a Road Scholar Ambassador. Reliving her memories and planning new trips kept Paula busy during the pandemic – between reading her travel journals, filing her pictures and attending virtual Road Scholar lectures, she had lots to do! But the real goal was to get out into the world again and Paula already has embarked on three Road Scholar adventures in 2022.

"Not enough good things can be said about traveling with Road Scholar,” says Paula. “The learning experiences are beyond compare, and when I get home, I love to share them with others, hoping to influence them to go beyond the TV, into the real world. You can see things and enjoy them, but to experience the same things changes your life and your perspective on the world.”

Marcia has done lots of virtual learning – now she is embarking on in-person programs again

Marcia Henderson took her first Road Scholar adventure in 2016. She made it a point to keep busy during her days of social distancing by taking lots of Road Scholar lectures via Zoom and practicing music. But now Marcia’s plans have turned towards new Road Scholar programs — she is already enrolled in North and South Dakota and Pacific Northwest programs for this year. Marcia’s passion for better understanding the world motivates her to keep exploring – in her words, “I love the vibe of Road Scholar – my experiences have been very fun and engaging. I enjoy my fellow travelers, and the experts have always been wonderful. I love road trips and the adventure of the unknown – even if this is a repeat destination, I have a different experience.”

BJ’s longstanding love of travel inspires her to keep learning

BJ Weisenbach first traveled with Road Scholar in 2018 with her husband, and looked forward to continuing programs every year. But with the pandemic came many changes, including the death of her husband from cancer complications. In 2021, things started to look up again – BJ received her Covid vaccine and began new plans for travel. Since then, she has enrolled in many domestic and international adventures, heading to Prague and Paris and planning to go the western National Parks this year. “I do feel like I lost time, especially since my husband died and we had all these plans that never happened,” BJ says. “However, I am looking forward to seeing and experiencing all the different things in this world but knowing that with Road Scholar I can expect outstanding programs in a safe environment.”

With vaccination required for all of our participants and extensive safety measures in place, you can feel at ease and excited about heading out into the world with Road Scholar again. We still have some availability for programs in 2022, so we hope that you’ll be able to make up for any missed travels with another adventure with us soon!


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