The Road Scholar Trip Lab has woven together a colorful list of the most exciting and enriching destinations for adults in 2019. Nature, history, art, cuisine — our list of top destinations for 2019 has something for everyone. Tune in each day to count down with us from the #10 destination to our 2019 Destination of the Year at #1.

Are you ready for learning and adventure in 2019?

10. Panama

Pope Francis is heading to Panama in 2019, and so should you! Learn about the ecosystem that connects two continents. You can meet indigenous locals and explore a coffee plantation. See the country by whitewater raft or kayak or paddle board with our naturalists along the serene waters of Tranquilo Bay. And, of course, take in the awe-inspiring engineering feat of the the Panama Canal. It’s this year’s Costa Rica for those who’ve already been or are looking for something a little more off the beaten path.

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9. Italy

If you haven’t been to Italy yet — what are you waiting for? And if you’ve been already — now’s the perfect time to go back. Italy has something for everyone: world-class cities from Rome and Florence to Naples and Venice, to charming towns dotting the Italian Riviera and nestled in Tuscan wine country. Explore incredible landscapes from the Lakes Region to the Dolomites with our expert locals, and have your fill of handmade pasta or a rich Brunello wine. History, language, food and culture — if you need a dose of “la dolce vita” in 2019 after a long, hard year — Italy is the place to go. (Try Puglia for an off-the-beaten path option!)

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8. Amazon River

If you’ve ever wanted to sail along the Amazon River among the monkeys and macaws, now you can do it on a luxury riverboat. Travel solo, with a spouse or friend or bring the whole family as you check into a “floating hotel” and voyage through the dense jungles of Brazil. Meet indigenous people in isolated villages, fish for piranha and spot wildlife in the canopies above you. This is a journey of a lifetime, and 2019 is the time to make it happen.

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7. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park was affected by wildfires last summer, but it’s open for business in 2019. While lovers of national landmarks will flock to Grand Canyon National Park for its 100th anniversary in neighboring Arizona, Yosemite will offer a quieter venue to take in the splendid grandeur of an American National Park. Go on a hiking adventure with our expert naturalists to enjoy the great outdoors, or combine a trip to Yosemite with the iconic Pacific Coast Highway from L.A. to San Francisco for a diverse excursion on “The Best Coast.”

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6. Morocco

Continent-hop from Europe to Africa next year by adding a visit to Morocco to your list. Join our local experts to learn about the colorful bazaars of Marrakesh or the blue-splashed city of Chefchaouen. Take in the spicy scents around you and taste a traditional Moroccan tagine. A visit to Morocco is a totally sensory experience. Discover stunning landscapes in the countryside as you learn the legendary tales of this ancient land and all of its fascinating traditions.

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5. India

Next year will mark the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, and the entire country of India will be celebrating. The National Gandhi Museum in Delhi has launched a special exhibition, and his actual birthday (October 2) is a national holiday called Gandhi Jayanti. The Indian government launched a campaign in 2014 to clean up the streets, roads and infrastructure across India, with goals set for next year. So 2019 will bring with it a clean and festive destination for visitors. From urban Delhi to the backwaters of Kerala, uncover some of India’s myriad secrets on a visit in 2019.

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4. Miami

Road Scholars couldn’t get enough of Miami in 2018, and it continues to be a popular destination for next year. What’s not to love? From the Art Deco District, to the cultural hub of Little Havana and the creative incubator neighborhood of Wynwood — Miami has it all. Plus, 2019 will see the launch of the inaugural Secret Agents and Spies Conference in May — a perfect reason to make Miami your choice for next year.

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3. Portugal

If you’re looking for an affordable destination in Western Europe with all the history and culture and charm of some of its more popular neighbors — try Portugal in 2019. Learn about the Moorish architecture of bustling Lisbon with our historians or taste the sweet ports at vineyards in the Porto wine region. Sail along the Duoro River or discover the sunny coasts of Madeira or the Azores — both clusters of islands off Portugal’s Atlantic coast, often referred to as the “Hawaii of Europe.”

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2. New York City

Perhaps it’s the greatest city in the world. We just can’t list all the incredible, iconic places to visit in New York City. But why go now? LaGuardia Airport is undergoing an expansion project for 2019, the Museum of Modern Art is increasing its gallery space by 30% and the Statue of Liberty Museum is opening! World Pride will celebration the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riot (marking the beginning of the Pride Movement), and the Phantom of the Opera celebrates its 30th Anniversary. Next year will be an exciting year to visit The Big Apple.

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1. France

Drumroll, please! Our number one destination for 2019 is … France! The City of Light will shine brighter and the wine in Bordeaux will taste sweeter as Road Scholar celebrates France as our 2019 Destination of the Year ! Next year, the country honors the 75th anniversary of D-Day on the beaches of Normandy and across the entire country — an anniversary that distinctively unites the common histories of the U.S. and France. Take part in one of our many special celebrations as you say “Bonjour” to the most exciting destination of 2019 with us next year.

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