Once you travel with a group of women you won’t want to stop.

There’s something unique that brings women together. Women have a natural bond of shared experiences and shared histories, and there’s no better opportunity to discover that camaraderie than on a journey with other women — because traveling with a group of women is never just a trip.

Here are some of the experiences you may find as you journey with a group of women:

  • You’ll lose your inhibition.
  • You’ll remind yourself to let things go.
  • You’ll laugh and talk a lot.
  • You’ll cry a little.
  • You’ll conquer fears.
  • You’ll try something new.
  • You’ll challenge and support each other.

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A Bond Thousands of Years in the Making

If you look back in history, you will see that there is a certain emotional support, intimacy, empathy and nourishment that women have provided for each other throughout time. Thousands of years ago, we nurtured and nourished each other and each other’s children, and, while in modern times those physical connections and survival needs may have dwindled, the psychological bonds stay strong. Today we depend on our community of women for spiritual survival, and if you don’t already have a community, you don’t have to look far to find one.

Increased Longevity

There is also science behind this phenomenon. Both men and women release the hormone oxytocin in response to stress. Oxytocin naturally encourages people to nurture, comfort, trust and love. However, oxytocin is more likely to lead to social bonding among women than men (Ma et al., Sex- and context-dependent effects of oxytocin on social sharing. NeuroImage (2018). As we bond, share and nurture, more oxytocin is released, and this leads to more trusting, less self-protectiveness and more caring. Seeking social connection to reduce stress is unique to women, and some researchers even theorize that this is the secret to women living longer lives than men. What a wonderful idea to embrace — the more social connection you have, the longer you’ll live.

Lasting Impact

Traveling with a mixed-gender group certainly has its advantages, and men and women can, no doubt, build very strong bonds filled with friendship, love and empathy. But if you happen to be searching for a special community and for a very unique experience, a surefire way to do it is to journey with other women. You may be filled with initial trepidation, but as natural chemicals take over, your inhibitions will be lost, and you’ll find yourself opening up and letting an amazing group of new friends into your life. In a matter of days, you won’t be able to imagine your life without these women. Even if you never see each other again, which sometimes happens, that bond is a part of you forever. Your community of women is out there, and it’s never too late to take that journey to find them.

Interested in joining the Road Scholar community of women? See our collection of learning adventures designed for women only →

About the Author
Senior Director of Creative, Paige Davis, has been inspired by many strong women in her life. She recently hiked in Utah with her sister and a group of 15 inspiring Road Scholar women and has subsequently decided to leave her husband at home more often.


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