Best country to bike in Europe

What's the best place to bike in Europe? Why?

  • I am very interested in this topic. I am contemplating Hungary and the Danube this summer. Where else have you been that you would recommend?

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the Biking the Danube trip last fall. We biked from Eastern Germany to Vienna. This fall I have signed up for the bike trip through Northern Italy, from the Alps to Verona.
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    I did the northern Italy one from the Alps to Verona and loved it. Beautiful scenery for the first part of the trip, less so the last couple days. Riding is not difficult except the last day which is 30+ miles on gravel. The food was mostly very good. The lectures and sight seeing were very interesting. The bikes were just fine, but those who brought seat padding were wise to do so. Guido, the guide was great. I flew in to Munich early and took the train to Innsbruck before the trip, and took the train to Bologna for a couple days after. Many other participants went on to other places in Italy after the tour.
    I also did the bike and barge trip in Holland and enjoyed it, but of course, the scenery was not the big attraction. It was great not to have to pack up every day as I did on the Italy trip, since we slept comfortably on the barge. The chef was excellent, the walking tours just what I like, and it was a dream of mine to go where biking was the norm. Very congenial company, of course. Do not expect to find a local bike jersey as a souvenir, they don't exist. The bike was the most comfortable I have ever ridden, and didn't need extra padding.
    Like you, I'm interested in knowing more about the Danube trip, and the one through Austria on the Mur River.
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    Planning for the Danube trip in Fall 2018 with spouse. Will likely add time before/after to see other nearby areas by train/bus. Any suggestion for cities or areas to take in that might include biking or hiking?
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    Hi Carolyn! Thanks for your short report on the Italy trip. Like Ewucker above, I'm signed up for the the same trip (Alps to Verona) in September. I've got a couple of questions, regarding your recommendations on gear. Given the bikes that we will be riding, do you recommend chamois bike shorts? How about shoes; anything specific that I should be thinking about when I pack my bags? Thanks so much for your comments and your thoughts! Dawn
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    I'd highly recommend taking the hop-on/hop-off bus and staying another day in Vienna. I managed to see and enjoy a lot of Vienna on the last full day of the program last fall, but another day would have been even better. On the way back to the States, I stopped in London for a couple of days, took the hop-on/hop-off bus, and did a fair amount of walking. I'm interested in Antiquities, so the British Museum was a must-see. I spent about six hours there and that was barely enough to see the Rome & Greece exhibits and the Romans in Britain exhibit. The London Eye, Westminster, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and a boat trip on the Thames were also highlights.
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    Definitely wear padded bike shorts. You are not allowed bike shoes and the pedals don't accommodate them anyway. I wore my usual running shoes but others wore Keen type sandals. Take a rain jacket as it did rain the first couple days when riding and sightseeing. I was comfortable, but those from Florida and California were cold at first. Take a swimsuit if you want to avail yourself of the pools in a couple hotels. Take a washcloth as Italian hotels don't have them. I got a dry sack from REI which I could bungee to the bike rack while riding, and kept my water bottle and rain jacket there. Most people dress up a little for dinner, so take something nice to wear for that. Since you change hotels almost every night, be prepared to do a little sink laundry when you can . The brake cable on my bike chafed my leg, so a velcro strip to secure it (or anything else) is handy.
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    Thanks so much for the good info, Cflatleyg! I'll pack accordingly.
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    I am signed up for the Hungary, Austria, Slovakia trip Fall 2018. It will be my first RS trip! I'd love to connect with others who have done this trip or plan to do it next year.
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    We may be on the same trip! Have you done other RS biking trips? This will be my first. I plan to arrive a day or two ahead to spend some time exploring the music history of Vienna, and a day or two on the end to travel to Romania.
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    Planning on Danube trip in June 2018. Is anyone else signed up for this trip for June 2018?
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    Georgia is very popular now, I think. The sights there are amazing. I was there on a tour though, got some cheap tickets on, but I certainly recommend it, it's a very unique and joyful experience. No doubt it was praised so high on other forums.

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    We did the Deggendorf to Vienna - 2017 September.