St Simon Bike Ride Mar 24 to 29.

For the most part the St Simon ride was an an excellent experience.

Group leader Fred Collins and his team were very knowledgeable and kept us on schedule each day.

The Best Western Hotel at St. Simons was excellent. Good breakfast, quiet rooms and great coffee.

Local scenery was marvelous. The lectures gave us a great appreciation of the local history and  environment.

The down side. The single speed foot brake bikes were not suited for the conditions we were in. San Simon Island has narrow sidewalks where the bicycles were driven. Within our group of 20 we were tightly packed when stopping and starting and crossing intersections often with vehicle traffic.

The foot brake was always in the way. Trying to stop was often difficult as the peddles had to be positioned properly so you had a good back stroke. When someone if front of you stopped unexpectedly and your peddles were in the wrong positon the only way to stop was jump off.
In a similar fashion when starting you could not put the peddles in tbe
position you wanted.

The sidewalk/bikepath was very narrow. The handle bars were very wide. This made it awkward when encountering oncoming bicycles and pedestrian traffic,

If a single speed bike was needed then the bmx style with hand brakes and free wheeling peddles is the way to go. At the very least a foot brake style with a single handbrake would allow you to control stopping.

My wife took three spills attempting to stop. And has the scrapes and bruises to show for it. She rides at home on a standard women's mountain bike with no issues.

On Sunday  when we arrived Fred let me take a bike for a ride. It was fun; no traffic, nothing to watch out for.  This changed immediately when the traffic came into play on the bike ride.

The single speed foot brake bike is a bad choice for the St Simon riding.

I note that Fred and his helpers did not ride the cruisers.