What Happened to all the Intergenerational Programs????

Only 23 programs listed????  The majority of which are overseas (from the US) meaning double the costs of US programs....

There use to be many more options to choose from.  All of my past programs attended (3) are no longer posted.  Is this a permanent change or is something else in the works???  

  • Hi lgibb5020955, thank you for reaching out. We will be opening more Grandparent trips closer to the end of the year so what you see on the website is not all that we will have for 2019. We hope you have a great week and that you can join us on a trip next year!
  • Rachel, I don't understand. How is one supposed to plan, budget, and reserve a future trip if not posted? I typically plan these trips six months out with my Grandchild -- giving her time to review the different offerings, make decisions, research her options, etc. and now... we are not able to do that. I hope the program is not closing down... we've enjoyed all that we've experienced thus far....