Indigenous peoples of Mexico

I admit to being fascinated by Mexico's indigenous history, from the Olmec to the Maya to the Aztec ( and everything in-between).

It's truly amazing what these peoples did without the wheel and without modern tools.  The accuracy and precision (not the same)

they employed to construct their astronomical observation buildings using 'primitive' methods/tools staggers the mind. I am very

much looking forward to my next RS trip to Yucatán, where we will visit several Mayan ruins, and no doubt be regaled with stories

and historical facts about this fascinating culture.

  • I agree. I hope you enjoy your trip to the Yucatán. I was in part of the Yucatán with my family and it was exciting. Wish I could have seen more.
  • In reply to el.cid3031856:

    To el.cid: Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the Yucatán trip, I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone, even those who are bored to tears by archeology. The group leader was a walking encyclopedia as well as a caring, sensitive and interesting guy.
    The Mayan people are very friendly and hospitable, the food was great and the lodgings were inviting and comfy.
    What's not to like?