Advice for first-time travelling with grandchild

What advice would you give someone travelling with a grandchild for the first time?

  • Went last year for first time with my 8 yo grand son. Had a great time in Park City UT. Gave him a long leash. The other participants were great and everyone looked out for each other. Let your grand child pick the trip that interests them the most!
  • Great answer! Yes, by all means give them a long leash. They will immediately bond with the other kids, so don't try to keep them on a short leash. Let them be. The Road Scholar Guides will always be looking out for them, and they will always be nearby... with that feeling of freedom, they will beg you to go on yet another trip.........and they will always remember their grandparent.......
  • I totally agree.  I've been on two intergenerational programs -- and the third is in the planning stages.  Let them be and, without any (grand)parental intervention, the kids are drawn to each other with the common goal to learn and have fun.  The program guides/instructors/hired consultants are well-versed in working with kids.  Just stay back and be amazed at how your grandchild adapts to all the new exposure!