What are the most popular National Parks tours?

Any recommendations on the best Road Scholar National Parks tours?

  • There's a list of most popular National Parks tours here:

  • If one is in Yosemite during the phases of a full moon there is an evening tram ride. OMG, it was like driving thru and Ansel Adams photograph. Lucky for me it was a Super Moon and one of the gentlemen in my group was an amateur photographer; he sent me copies of the valley at night. The dates are available online on the NPS website for Yosemite.
  • We've done several National Parks tours with RS. The advantage is that reservations are made, waiting in line is not a problem, and we can sight-see while someone else drives! Our trips (so far): Utah/Arizona (Zion to Glen Canyon), Isle Royale, Yellowstone (by itself), Grand Teton to Banff (with Yellowstone again), Yosemite. All were great but Isle Royale was the most special--a less-traveled place, a small group.