What are the most popular National Parks tours?

Any recommendations on the best Road Scholar National Parks tours?

  • There's a list of most popular National Parks tours here:

  • If one is in Yosemite during the phases of a full moon there is an evening tram ride. OMG, it was like driving thru and Ansel Adams photograph. Lucky for me it was a Super Moon and one of the gentlemen in my group was an amateur photographer; he sent me copies of the valley at night. The dates are available online on the NPS website for Yosemite.
  • We've done several National Parks tours with RS. The advantage is that reservations are made, waiting in line is not a problem, and we can sight-see while someone else drives! Our trips (so far): Utah/Arizona (Zion to Glen Canyon), Isle Royale, Yellowstone (by itself), Grand Teton to Banff (with Yellowstone again), Yosemite. All were great but Isle Royale was the most special--a less-traveled place, a small group.
  • Part of the answer will depend on the activity level you want/can do and your interests. I have done both the Death Valley/Valley of Fire (Spirited) trip and the Sedona and Grand Canyon trip (moderate.) Both focused on geology, but the Grand Canyon one also had a lot about culture and history of the area. The Death Valley one was quite adventurous, with lots of rock scrambling and fairly lengthy hikes (at least compared to other RS trips I've done.)

    However, some of the trips are more looking out the window of the bus and seeing the visitor's center. For some people, that's all they want or can do.

    I've traveled to many national parks alone, but one thing I like about the RS trips is that you can stay in lodges in the park, which tend to be pricey, especially for one person. Reservations at lodgings inside the national parks tend to be hard to get as well. This way, we get a group price, I might have a roommate (I often sign up for roommate matching, although often I end up with a room to myself without paying the single supplement), and we are inside the park.

    Another consideration is how to get to the start of the trip. Some require you to drive to the start, which might mean renting a car and then not using it for a week or so. But other trips to national parks start/end in cities where you can fly in/out and not need to rent a car or take an expensive shuttle.

    Lots of considerations, so it all depends on you.