Bay of Fundy Tides

Ever been to the Bay of Fundy? Is it worth experiencing?

  • I was there in the 1980s after a trip around Nova Scotia We saw it from both sides (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick), explored the Flower Pots, travelled down the coast and walked the beaches that were drained for miles during low tide.
    Unfortunately we didn't stay long enough to see the tides return.
    It's not the most exciting place to visit but certainly worth a look if you enjoy geographical "oddities".
    We camped in-land a bit and the sites were fenced to protect from any nocturnal animals - like moose. Dang! I didn't see any.
  • We were there last October (2016). We found ourselves immersed in the culture of the area and the influence of the natural spaces on what it means to live and work there. It helped us be "travelers" beyond being "tourists." In addition to going where other tourists go, I have stumbled on a way to "be in" towns like Halifax and St. John's. On the visit to the tourism office, I ask for the name and location of the best locally-owned bookstores. The people I meet on my way to walking to these bookstores and those I meet in the stores themselves are treasures. I try to get a book of naturalist essays or book of poetry (written by local authors)--purchasing these has led to enriching conversations.