Best road trip of all time?

If you could create your own dream road trip in the U.S., what locations would you include?

  • I live on the east coast, so all my must see places would be out west. Drove coast to coast a couple years ago. My must see places: Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Mesa Verde, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone & Grand Tetons, Yosemite out west. In the east--DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, Gettysburg.
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    Been to all except Yosemite (plan to go soon). Let me just say, you won't be disappointed in any of the places you
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    Yosemite is up with my favorites. Stay in the park so you can get up early and go for a walk to see the critters before people scare them away. Bring flashlight or similar, park is very light pollution aware. Look for dates that coincide with a full moon. The NPS Newsletter lets you know the dates for the year. They run a night tram and it is like being in an Ansel Adams photograph. I was lucky enough to be there when we had a super moon and something I will never forget.
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    Well, I plan to bring my astronomy binocs (& collapsible tripod), so "dark skies" are a good thing. And since my cats get me up every morning around 6a.m., I'll likely be up in time to see some critters. Thanks for the heads up!
  • NE U.S. Coast near Acadia National Park. Scenery is superb. Hiking feels like only you and peregrine falcons. Once you leave the congestion of Boston, the road opens up.