Cleveland, OH

This is the first time I have entered into a discussion group. If I do something wrong, please bear with me.  I am leaving on 4/24/ to attend the Signature City Cleveland, OH trip. Just wondering if anyone has been on this trip and how they liked it.  It said the activity level was high. I am traveling with my older sister and brother and wondered if they would have any trouble walking the 2 miles every day.  Both are in good condition. If there is anything else anyone can tell me about the trip, I would greatly appreciate it.  It would also be nice to meet any other fellow travelers that will be on this  trip also. Thanks in advance for your response.

  • We took this trip last fall. The walking was not a problem for anyone used to walking. It is all flat terrain. We used public transportation to get around the city; I think Road Scholar automatically adds to the activity level if there is anything potentially challenging mentally (not that it was). Enjoyed the trip very much & were pleasantly surprised by Cleveland.