What has been your experience?

I recently became single, and am going on a trip in October alone. I hope to make friends, and meet fellow travelers with whom I might go on additional trips.  Do any of you have experiences that match my hopes?


  • I'm also single - 67. I went to Sicily last year and had a wonderful time seeing the sites and although nearly all the travelers were couples they were very friendly and inclusive. I'm going on the Cinque Terre trip on October 1 and this will be my 3rd solo trip. I'd love to have a partner but I'm going to put my whole heart into enjoying fabulous Italy.
  • Reply to Mary: I recently lost my wife to cancer and went on a RS trip to Mexico in Jan/Feb. As noted by squirrel cottage (and others on Solo Travel) couples are very friendly and I never had to eat alone or feel excluded from any activities. I had a wonderful time and am planning another trip with RS in November...solo again.
  • Are you going on the Japan trip Oct. 16? It's fun and easy as a solo on RS trips. Everyone is friendly and inclusive!
  • Best part of RS trips is being able to go solo without being alone. I used to travel for work and now I travel for adventure. Do allow for others to have their space. Doing so you will find people open up and become more inclusive. I have meet some lovely people in my travels. On my very first RS trip I made a lifelong friend. Wishing you all the best on your travels.
  • I avoided travel because I wasn't comfortable traveling alone abroad. I love traveling with RS solo now & I'm taking my 3rd trip next month as a single traveler to Provence. The group as a whole is inclusive,couples & singles mix well. I have never felt uncomfortable & have made many friends. My last trip was the "Best Of Italy" in Oct.2016. I made it a point to join singles & couples at different times during dinners & free time outings. As a solo traveler RS always made me feel secure with all the arrangements. All you have to do is get to the airport & someone will be waiting for you after you collect your luggage at arrival. RS will get you to the departing airport too. Provided you made flight arrangements through RS. Enjoy your journey.
  • Hi Mary - as others have said, traveling with RS solo is great! I have been on 7 trips with them, and have only convinced friends to come with me on 3 of them. All of the participants have been very welcoming & easy to talk to.
  • I have been on one RS trip as a solo traveler and have 2 more planned before the end of the year. My first solo trip was wonderful! The group was small (18) and was a mixture of couples, solo travelers, and groups of 2-3 friends. Everyone was very friendly and inclusive. I never felt left out. It helps that you eat most of your meals together as a group.
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    I also went to Italy with RS in October 2016. The trip was magnificent, the guides excellent and the fellow travelers were very friendly. The accomodations were abysmal. Before going on my next trip to Scotland with RS, I got assurances that the accomodations would be better. Not so. Again - the trip was spectacular; our guides were educated and engaging; my fellow travelers were fun and inclusive. However, the single rooms were substandard in more ways than size. One of the folks on the trip suggested I needed to lower my expectations because I was in Europe. I was travelling with 2 friends who were rooming together so I was able to compare their well-appointed, spacious rooms to mine. The difference was remarkable.
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    I grew up traveling to the UK and saying to lower your expectations is sad. It has nothing to do with Europe.

    I have taken 6 domestic trips so far with RS and as a solo my rooms have been excellent, great, good and why me? I also have upgraded my room at times, at my own expense, because I wanted a great view. I do so at my own discretion after getting my room key I go to front desk and ask what's available. Sometimes the up charge is so minimal it is a no brainer.
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    What a great idea if you're not content with what's provided. Having RS make all my arrangements is more than worth any discomfort!
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    I upgrade not for comfort, I can live in any space as long as it's clean, but for vistas. I carry binoculars and I am up at all hours of the night looking for critters or to the skies. We have so much light pollution & development where I live I can't get enough of the open skies and the night/dawn critters.