Looking for hiking boot recommendations

Are beefy hiking boots worth the extra weight or are trail running shoes good enough? Which do you prefer?

  • Keene "Voyager" is a great boot particularly if you have a wider foot and/or need to insert a custom full-length orthotic. I wear both the mid-level boot as well as the "low-cut" hiking shoe of the same name.
  • Depends on what you will be hiking. if gentle paths with a light pack, lightweight hiking boots or study trail running shoes are fine. For mountains, rocky or wet trails- boots. I prefer ankle high boots.
  • I prefer hiking boots that cover my ankle for support. I own a pair of Vasque and a pair of Anhu. Both are lightweight and provide adequate support. Think about investing in good hiking socks. I prefer Smartwool or Field and Stream, but there are many other choices.
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    I second the Keen "Voyager". I'm on my third pair of mid-height, and also get the low ones for daily walks since our crumbling streets are as rough as trails. I have a wide forefoot, but a women's narrower heel, and use green Superfeet orthotics. Am a day-hiker.
  • Another vote for the Merrell Gore-Tex boots. Comfortable, dry and great grip for uncertain surfaces -- and they don't cost an arm and a leg, especially if you have an outlet nearby or know your size and find a sale online.