Looking for hiking boot recommendations

Are beefy hiking boots worth the extra weight or are trail running shoes good enough? Which do you prefer?

  • Following up on Allie's comment regarding socks, my favorite socks for hiking are WrightSock Coolmesh II socks. They're double-layered and work great for preventing blisters. You can buy them from REI, among other places.

    As for boots/shoes, I wear Merrell Moab low hiking shoes, they fit my feet perfectly -- my feet are a bit narrow.  I have the Moab Ventilators for summer, and the Moab Waterproofs for winter. The Moab Waterproofs run a bit small so I went up a half size with those. 

  • WrightSock are awesome. Remember to wash inside out. I have also take to wearing Tommie Copper peds inside my non double layer hiking socks. OMG they really work. Price is high but no tired feet at end of day hiking.
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