trekking poles

I'm interested in one of the hiking adventures through RS.  I was wondering whether I should buy trekking poles.  Does anyone have any advice as to whether they are a help for long but probably fairly flat walks?

  • Yes, I use hiking poles for all my major hikes. They will give you support and balance going up and down rock formation. Good for uneven terrain.
  • Yes, I like hiking poles on all types of walks. They are good even for flat or road walking. Helps me keep a rhythm going. You might be able to rent from a store like REI or other outdoors store or get relatively inexpensive ones like at Costco to see if you like having them.
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    Thanks, Mary. I bought some at REI. Hopefully I’ll get comfortable using them.
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    I purchased some for an upcoming hiking trip to Ireland as they were recommended. I've not used trekking poles before but feel they will be useful on my future adventures!
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    To those looking to purchase trekking poles, I suggest a set with springs and the ability to telescope to different heights.  You will need to pack them. These are significant knee aides. Check the sites of used equipment -,, etc.  Happy Trails !

  • I often use a walking stick for local hikes and was going to buy trekking poles for an upcoming RS trip. But, I checked the TSA website and I would have to check my luggage if I pack them. I decided against it for this trip since the hiking is going to be on low elevation-gain trails.