Favorite Road Scholar kayak program?

What's your favorite Road Scholar kayak program?

  • "Kayaking in Southern Quebec and Northern Vermont" in Glen Sutton, Quebec Province! We've participated three times and will return again. Enjoyable kayaking adventures, beautiful scenery, helpful guides, welcoming hosts, comfortable lodgings and fantastic, gourmet food! Can't beat the experience.
  • I loved #2285 Kayaking the Eastern Shore. Kayaking was great, programs in the evenings were rewarding and the food was good. They took us out for 2 dinners. I hope they will do the kayaking and the coil basket making on back to back weeks.
  • Kayaking in the Everglades was a very enjoyable trip with beautiful scenery, comfortable accommodations and a great group leader that generated a cohesive group spirit with an organized approach and easygoing attitude.