Australia slower pace tour mid September. We are curious what spring is like there?

Greetings to our September 2018 co-travelers!

This year in Virginia we had freezing temps in March which i guess is the same as their September.

We are looking forward to all we can see & learn about this country in the southern Hemisphere.

  • Sure hope it won't be that cold. I wasn't planning on bringing a winter jacket--are you?
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    waiting to hear from someone who has traveled there in September.
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    Hi! I live in Florida, but am spending the summer out on Long Island with my children and grandchildren. I grew up on LI and moved to Florida 20 years ago. Looking forward to meeting you both :) Pat
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    Hi, I'm not going on this trip but lived in Australia for 6 years. September in Alice Springs and Townsville will be warm: 70's - 80's but should be very pleasant. Alice Springs in particular has a very dry heat. Melbourne and Sydney will be a bit cooler. In both North and South the nights could be chilly (upper 40's to 60's). Take a light jacket and plan to layer if it gets cooler than expected and check the extended forecast for all areas before you leave. Have fun!
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    thanks, I guess we never know what weather will be for sure. right now our west is burning up and the northeast here is flooding?