Australia New Zealand Down Under November 2018

My good friend Ellen and I are getting really excited about this trip. I live in Minneapolis. Ellen lives in Ohio. We both recently retired. We’re curious about who else is going on this tour. I just finished listening to Bill Bryson’s memoir In a Sunburned Country which is about Australia. It’s very entertaining. Both informative and laugh out loud funny. I plan to read a Fatal Shore next. Hope you will introduce yourself. See you in November! Kim Battern

  • Hi, I'm going on the Nov. trip, but going solo. I live in Sedona, AZ. I've wanted to go to New Zealand and Australia for a long time and this trip seems to offer everything I'm looking for. Thanks for the reading tips. Sounds good. Looking forward to meeting new people, that's half the fun of traveling. Donna Foreman
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    Hi Donna, You live in beautiful country. I love Sedona. Our trip is getting so close now! The excitement increases each day! I look forward to meeting you soon. Kim
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    Hi Kim, I love Sedona, too. I've lived here for 14 years and hope to continue for many more. I'm thrilled to be able to make this trip and am very excited. Looking forward to meeting you, too. Donna
  • We are on the 16434RJ trip arriving Sydney on Oct. 27 and immediately heading to NZ for 2 weeks, then Aust for 2 weeks. Is this your trip also? Kat
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    Yes, this is our trip! We’re stopping in Honolulu on the way, arriving in Auckland the night before the group first meets. We’re so excited! We’ll meet soon. I wonder how big our group is. Kim