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Does anyone have concerns about travel given the difficulties reported by the State Department?

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    Did you have trip insurance? Did you get your refund. It's really scary that general tourists on fishing trips are impacted. Not sure why RS would continue with the trip as the clear direction from US embassy is they do not have folks on ground in Cuba to provide support if needed.
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    We had the extra Road Scholar Trip Protection Plan. I filed a request for a claim form at on Oct. 13 and am waiting to hear from them to acknowledge that the request for a form is being processed. Then they are supposed to send you the claim form, and you fill it out and send it in. Eventually we should get a refund of the $200 RS penalty - but nothing for the insurance premium of $952 that we paid. I wish RS had simply cancelled the program so we would have gotten the premium refunded and incurred no penalty. I too am not sure why RS has not cancelled their Cuba ground trips.
    I have now learned that the tourist from the fishing trip has been diagnosed with a "pseudo tumor" (symptoms as of a tumor, but no tumor; fluid buildup) and that possible causes are a virus or radiation. Fortunately, it is said to be treatable.
  • I went to Cuba with RS in Oct. I have never felt safer anywhere.
  • I went to Cuba with RS in Oct. I have never felt safer anywhere.
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    I just returned from my trip January 25-31, 2018. Safest country I have traveled to in South America or Europe. I hope to return with other friends within the next year. Don't be dissuaded to book in the future. It was a wonderful experience. It is unfortunate that the 'travel warning' has had a negative impact.
    I had my concerns based on the 'travel warning' but the my own personal feelings since the warning is that they are unfounded. What a great organization R.S. is! Currently planning a trip to Spain and a future return to Cuba.
  • Curious with the resurgence of this as an issue how it might be handled this time around. I called but they didn't know anything yet
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    Hello gtucker, thank you for reaching out. At present, there are no changes to the trip you are taking to Cuba with us. While we are confident that our programs will operate, if for some reason we need to cancel any programs because of new government regulations, then you will receive a full refund. We are in close communication with American government officials and will contact participants should any of these changes impact your upcoming program. We look forward to seeing you in Cuba! Best, Rachel