Does RS monitor these forums?

We are going on the Cuba trip Jan. 16th. I'm wondering if RS monitors these forums. It seems that there are some opportunities to add insight by answering questions leveraging their years of travel experience. Helpful links to info and earlier blog posts, etc. ~ Thanks

  • Hello, yes we do monitor these boards on a daily basis. Thanks for the inquiry and let us know if there's any particular information you need or are interested in getting before your trip!
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    We are going on the Cuba trip on January 31st and would appreciate information about currency exchange once we get to Cuba. We were surprised to find that the trip information package does not have any information about this. We know that it is best to take Euros instead of US dollars because of the 10% additional charge to exchange USDs so you get 87 CUCs for 100 USDs. The best place to get Euros in the US is from a bank rather than from the currency exchange places at the airport. You need to allow a couple of days when you order them from your bank but you get a better value.
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    Hi lacalle,
    Here is some information about the currency in Cuba:

    While the U.S. Dollar is not officially accepted in Cuba, many smaller vendors may accept USD. Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) are not available outside of Cuba. Exchange bureaus are located at the airports and all major hotels in Cuba. At this time, there is a Cuban government tax fee of 10% and a 3% transaction fee (subject to change) imposed on all exchanges from USD to CUC. The exchange rate is the same everywhere.

    Currently 100 USD = 87 CUC.

    Unused CUCs can be exchanged for U.S. dollars at the departure at the airport. Currently there is a 3% transaction fee (subject to change). Please exchange as needed throughout your week. We recommend that you do not exchange all your U.S. dollars at once.

    If Canadian dollars or Euros are accessible to you at no additional cost, consider bringing them to avoid the 10% fee for US dollars. However, please be aware that conversion rates and fees may make exchanging to Canadian dollars or Euros costlier if you do not already have these currencies.

    Also your group leader will be glad to assist you with finding a place to convert your US dollars or Euros into Cuban Pesos once you're in Cuba.

    We hope you have a wonderful time on your adventure! Best, Your Friends at Road Scholar