Prague Clock

Friends have said the 600-year-old Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square is worth seeing and learning about. Do you agree?

  • Yes sit's worth a look but plan ahead to catch it on the hour so you don't miss it. Also be sur you are oriented to the correct side to view the action, otherwise you won't know what the fuss is about.
  • Prague clock is being restored. Supposed to be finished in December 2017.
  • The clock is impressive for what it was at the time. And as an artistic embellishment for the tower it's very nice. But what is more... entertaining... are the **huMONgous** throngs of people that crowd the square to view the thing. As fgb posted, you want to be in the right spot for viewing. Which is, as you're facing the clock, to the left. From there you can see the apostles rotating through the windows, the skeleton pulling the bell cord, the rooster / ***, etc. etc.
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    I just heard yesterday that there is scaffolding going up al around the square for restoration. they said finished in 9 months !! i'm afraid that I won't be able to see it in nov 17 as it will be covered up !!!!

  • We were in Prague last week with Road Scholar and we saw the clock. It was not being restored. In fact we were in Mozart's Bakery which was delicious and we had a great view of the clock. We saw it two times.
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    Also, try to get there a little early as the plaza gets very crowded.