Concierge service on arrival at Heathrow

For any fellow travelers on trip 23231, Discover the World by Private Plane, arriving at Heathrow on Oct 30, I have reserved a concierge service to expedite (Fast Track) getting through immigration and customs (the UK does not use the Global Entry program).  I will pay the same amount whether it is just me, or for up to 4 people ON THE SAME FLIGHT (BA116 from JFK).  So, if you are arriving on the same flight and would like me to add your name to my reservation (for no charge to you - I'll be doing this whether anyone joins me or not), please respond to this post.  (And be patient - I'm new at navigating this Discussion Board!)

For anyone else traveling at another time, the company is Royal Airport Concierge Service, and you can contact them at "".

  • Heathrow Immigration is very easy to get thru on your own. It took me about 15 minutes last time I went thru there. Customs is just a walk thru. There is a green door that says "Nothing to Declare".

    Global Entry is a US Immigration program so is not recognized by any other country. It does expedite things when you re-enter the US particularly if you are at a busy airport. I usually come back in thru Salt Lake City so it's helpful but not as necessary as if you are coming back in via JFK.

  • Hi, Mary Jane, I don't know if you got my previous note to you, but my wife and I are going on the same trip. We will be arriving on a different flight, but I thought it might be nice to meet someone else on this trip, since we'll be spending 22 days together. I'm Jim, my wife is Charlotte. We are in our mid 60's and live outside of St. Louis. We're getting pretty excited, though it still seems pretty surreal. How about you?