walking the english countryside the cotswolds and Cornwalls

am taking this trip July 2-16

anyone else going?

  • I am just buying a house so I don't see myself going this spring/summer (my original intent) but I'll be interested in following this thread as well as hearing about your walking!
  • We're signed up for the early May departure and hoping there will be sufficient number of participants so the trip won't be cancelled.
  • I'm going on my own from Waterloo, Iowa in June, 2018. Cannot wait!!!! I'm reading the pertinent parts of Rick Steve's England and getting very amped up. I have six months to get in shape which is a good thing because there is lot's of hiking and I just had food surgery.....yikes. Am opting for a single room as I live alone and love my own space, especially in a hotel. Look so forward to hearing from others going and then meeting others when I go!!

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    Hi srgentle!! I'm glad you'll be coming along! Are you traveling solo also or what? I'd like to hear more about you.

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    I’d love to go on this one but six miles a day is a little too much for me. Four miles a day I could handle but I don’t feel that six would give the time to mingle with the locals, shop, take photos, and give me much time to explore on my own. I’d so love to be on this one but it seems a little too rushed.
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    We just signed upper this early May departure as well! Should be a great uncrowded time to go :)
  • Hi Joanne,
    Roxie1253 here....my name is actually Nancie. Roxie was my dog. Yes, I'm going on the June 4th-18th one! I too am opting for a single room. I am turning 65 on the trip. I don't hike a lot, but am working out to get in reasonable shape. I've always traveled with my TALL son and we walk a lot and fast and I keep up.
  • I've just signed up for the September trip, so not really much to say here, but I'll be tuning in to your discussion. This is my first RS trip, and first solo .... well, just first everything! I walk 7-8 miles a day, though, so I trust I've got that part covered!
    Happy travels, everyone! Jeanne
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    traveling solo from Huntsville al
  • I'm starting to get serious about making plans to do this. I cannot afford to spend what the RS costs (approx 5k). Is anyone familiar with walking the Cotswolds on your own? I'm thinking of a small company or self-guided... Maybe someone has recommendations of gentle walking areas / towns / local companies? It looks like Bourton-on-the-water has circular paths: www.hfholidays.co.uk/.../ Thanks.
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    Hi, Cathy, I just saw your post and felt compelled to respond. I was scheduled for the Cotswolds and Cornwall walk for the summer of 2016, and it was canceled. I had already purchased my airfare, so I decided to do my own walking trip, limited to the Costwolds. I contacted a company (Not HF) located in the Cotswolds, and they provided me with reservations at B&Bs and maps, and the plan was to walk from town-to-town... My actual experience: I was frequently lost, once got stuck in a thunderstorm in the middle of... I don't know where and had to return to my starting point (which I was only able to locate when I saw the church spire in town) in ankle-deep mud on a horse path... I blame part of it on the awful "maps" they gave me (poor photocopies taped together), part on the fact that I didn't even think of bringing a compass and in retrospect realized my sense of direction isn't what it used to be. So it was an experience, but not entirely a happy one. Of note, there is very little signage, even on the national paths. I signed up again last summer for the Cotswolds/Cornwall walk through RS, and it was absolutely wonderful. The company that guides that tour is called Footpaths, I believe, and they have a lot of walks, though more strenuous than RS. Next spring, I'm probably going to go on a RS walking tour to the Lakes District and Yorkshire that is actually organized by HF Holidays. I see they are offering it for the second year, so it apparently has been successful. I believe the cost is lower than some of the other walking tours, if you are looking to save $$. Whew--lots of words. Hope this is of some help to you. Hope you find your path, so to speak. Glenna W
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    Nice pun, and thank you, Glenna! Thanks for the experience sharing. I'll check out Footpaths. I need to email a couple of companies/chamber of commerces to find more information. I'll be sure to ask about signage. I'm thinking of booking myself into a Bourton-on-the-water B&B and just doing their walking paths. Town to town is too far for me. Cathy
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    Hi Jeanne, I am traveling on the Cotswolds trip on Sept. 17. I will be traveling solo. Are you going on that trip or the earlier one? I walk, but not usually 6 miles per day, so I am starting to train for the trip! Judy Brunetti