walking the english countryside the cotswolds and Cornwalls

am taking this trip July 2-16

anyone else going?

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    Glad to read your experience with traveling solo. It is good to know that there are typically several solo travelers. I am so looking forward to my first RS trip and trip to England. Donna
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    Hi Donna ~ I'm having trouble navigating RS message system this morning, so am just going to write a note here. I hope your trip is wonderful! I regret that we're not going to be connecting - my trip (~Walking England's Ancient Footpaths) leaves 9/5 - because I've decided that we'd make a good connection, based solely on the fact that you have a profile picture up :) . It is the oddest thing - I keep getting replies to my misplaced-on-the-wrong-thread post, but none from anybody on any iteration of the Ancient England trip; but then, there are currently only 6 people who've signed up for this trip, so we're a small group. Maybe they haven't found the Discussion Board yet. By the way, we're neighbors (sort of) - I live up near Fort Wayne.
    Have a great trip! Jeanne
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    HI...I am sorry we aren't going on the same trip! How amazing that we are 'sort of' neighbors. I can't quite figure out how to access info on others enrolled for this trip.
    I considered the ancient Footpaths, but decided to go with Cotswalds and Cornwall to see some sheep/wool country. I am a weaver and hope to find a little wool on the trip.
    Maybe we'll connect on another trip! donna
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    Just curious, do you know how many folks will be on this trip? It is my first, both to England and with RS. So looking forward to it. donna
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    Hi...I will be on the Cotswold and Cornwall trip starting on Sept 3rd and they usually try and keep the groups small. I have been on many of the RS walking, hiking trips and the group may be around 20. As a matter of fact I did this same trip in 2009 and enjoyed it so much I am going again before the knees give out. I have done all the walking trips to England that RS offers. I always go solo and really enjoy meeting everyone in the group. Friends I have met on other RS trips and I have already signed up for the Sept, 2019 RS where we will be walking/hiking in England's National Parks.
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    I think, Donna, that if you go to your My Account page, and on the left hand column, click on Trip Discussion; then, on that page, click on Members. That should show you the User Names & Profile pics (if anyone besides you has used one) of those on the trip. At least, that's what I think - these pages have been so *nothing* for me on my trip that I have wondered if I'm missing something - no one has posted in the Trip Discussion except me, no one has profile pics, and number of people going has remained unchanged for months, though it used to just show me, so it is likely accurate.

    A weaver, huh? I am not, but that is a craft/art form that just speaks to my soul.
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    I say totally inaccurate! My last trip showed like 7 people up til day of departure - when I got there it was 24!! - so that section on My Account page is useless.
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    Wow! that's good to know, Ellen! It must have been a shock - it surely would be for me, expecting such a small group and all!
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    RS uses HF Holidays for some of their walking programs. They are a UK company. Have a look at their website. They offer a plethora of programs.
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    I have been out of town for 2 weeks attending a weaving school in Massachusetts..so didn't see your response. Weaving is a wonderful craft/art that can totally consume you!!! And it is great fun. I will check out your directions to see who else is on the trip, although it sounds like this may not be much help. But, i will find out in about 2 weeks.
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    Hi Donna ~ Ellen's response prompted me to write to Road Scholar. There are just 6 people on the Participants page - I wanted to mitigate the shock if I showed up and found 24, instead. I kind of had to ask 3 times because of the odd answers, but they told me that there are currently 10 people enrolled for my trip. Mine leaves 9/5, so just under 2 weeks - I hope that we are both so happy with our experiences that we become regulars! Happy journeys!
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    A question since you have already been on this trip: How fast do you walk/hike on this trip? On a scale where 1 is an amble and 10 is a gallop, where would you place it? I like to alternate rhythms and stop and look around at times. Would that be possible? Thanks!
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    Hello, mla
    I did the Cotswolds and Cornwall trip in July. It was uncharacteristically hot and dry for the entire 2 weeks. So a walking distance and pace which would have seemed easier in cooler weather was notched up a bit in difficulty. Several on our trip (me included) wore FitBit's or other devices for measuring distances. We noted walking farther than the trip info described. Often as the "6 miles" (or whatever) was for the formalized hiking portion of the day, but there was also site seeing. A couple days I walked 10 miles, about double what I do at home. And many of the distances mentioned were accomplished before lunch, which was rather more physical than I was anticipating.
    As to your question about pace. There were always two guides, one up front, one monitoring any stragglers at the rear. They kept up a steady, move-it-along pace. Not a forced march, but not ambling "lets stop for a picture here, here and here" one, either. Not many formalized breaks, tho I did come home with plenty of pictures taken. I enjoyed it, but if you are strongly inclined to lots of stops, you may not find the pacing ideal.
    To be clear: this trip was the most pleasurable thing I've done in *years*. The people were interesting, the scenery amazing, the guides informative, friendly and helpful. The food and accommodation were excellent. The trip was organized to a "T". I would not have changed a single thing. Were my feet tired many nights? Yes. But came home with precious memories!
    Hope your trip is just as good.
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    Thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful response. I feel very torn because the trip sounds amazing, yet I want to be realistic about the distances and pace. Your information was very helpful.
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    There is nothing forcing anyone into walking with the group each day. You could join in on the days planned to be shorter, and opt to site see locally, or lounge, on other days. The guides were fabulous, and chatting them up each evening about the next day's options could be helpful to making individual plans.
    I was told the "Cornwall: Hidden Treasure" trip is fewer total steps, and is the same excellent leaders. Tho clearly still intended for an active person.
    I hope you find something that works for you!