Paris trip July 13-21, 2019 with grandchild...


This exciting trip is fast approaching and I am curious who else may be traveling to Paris with their grandchild. We'll be arriving from Dresden, Germany on July 13 and both my granddaughter and I are so excited to be a part of this amazing trip. We are looking forward to seeing Paris and learning of it's history and of course meeting the other participants in this trip. 

See you soon! 


  • I am curious as to who else will be participating in this trip! I have to of my best friends traveling with their grandchildren but would love to know the others on this tour. I know we will be meeting everyone on the 14th, but just wondering.. they say the trip is limited to 24 participants... so who are the other 18? where are you traveling from?
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    Since the Eiffel tower is not part of our tour, we wil be going independently in our free time... cannot be in Paris and not go to the Eiffel tower!!
  • Maggie, we’re going on the Teenagers in Paris trip from 7/20 - 7/28. Would like to hear what you think of your trip. Chris
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    Have you done anything to be able to skip the ticket line?
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    Hopefully I'll be able to post some comments either before we leave on the 21st... are you going to be staying at the LePatioBastille hotel as well?
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    I was able to get tickets for a guided tour of the eiffel tower on the one day that we are on our own for dinner and the evening.. so going to do the sunset tour. If it's not part of your tour, get tickets now! I went through trip advisor, it was only site that had date and time I wanted. The week we are in Paris is almost entirely sold out!!!
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    You have to get tickets in advance, I suggest looking on line now, don't wait until you are in paris, it may be too late by then!!