Living and Learning in France Sept. 2019

It seems like only Patience from Vermont and I (Shannon from Oregon) have posted so far.

Where is everybody?

  • Hi, this is Jan from Mississippi. Looking forward, and a bit scared, of this Paris adventure.
  • France is generally great in September. I've been going each year in September
    I'm not in your program, but I will be on a different RS program in France and will also be spending extra days -- before and after -- in Paris and elsewhere. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.
    --Gerry (also from Oregon)
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    We can huddle together for security! Actually, I'm more concerned about navigating the airport than anything else. Are you language or culinary track?
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    I'm not in your program but CDG is not bad. You just follow the herd from the plane to Passport control. I DO recommend you make a comfort stop between de-planing and getting in to line at Immigration. Sometimes Immigration takes 10 minutes, sometimes 1.5 hours!

    Do you have to make your way in to town or does RS meet you? If you get yourself in to town...follow the signs for the Taxi stand. Ignore anyone who comes up and asks you if you are looking for a taxi. The taxi is a fixed rate - 50E to the Right Bank, 55E to the Left bank. Many take the train in to town but I'm too jet-lagged and tired on arrival to deal with that so I just budget taxi money!