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I'm having a hard time figuring out how this discussion board is supposed to work. Where are the discussions. I can see mine, but no others. This needs to be simpler.

  • Hardly anyone uses them since they started this Community Forum. Sadly. Everyone posts to the Community. I used to like when you could ask a question on a specific trip and get an answer on the program page. Now you have to wade thru all the other discussions to find something close to what you are looking for. Maybe you'll get lucky and someone will join your program discussion.
  • It's a vicious circle. The Discussion Board is difficult to use, so very few people post or revisit. Because so few people post or revisit, there is little in the way of discussion.
    I have a trip to France coming up in September. I went to the Upcoming Trips page and posted under the Join the Discussion section many months ago. No responses.
    Also, the list of participants for the trip is obviously a small fraction of the total. In other words, Road Scholars are not using the feature -- for whatever reason.
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    Are you doing the art program starting in Nice, going up the Rhone River & ending in Paris? If so, would love to discuss it with you? Judith
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    If responding to my note, please email "enuff.already.ok@gmail.com". Judith